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What started as a dream after a ride with Nigel and V8 trike tours in Tauranga in March 2017, and 4 years later Brian has his own.

Many highs and lows over the building process from January 2018 when we paid the first deposit on our trike. 

Left with a pile of pipe we engaged the "brains" behind the building of these trikes in New Zealand and finally we took ownership of the newest  trike in NZ, and probably the one that has taken the longest to build.

We love supporting local –  our 3 seater V8 Trike was proudly built by Simon Loffhagen, of Canterbury.

Want a trike like this contact: Longhorn Trikes




With retirement time looming( farmer and nurse) Brian's passion of owning a trike is/was to give others the experience.

Share his passion, he will ensure that each customer has an unforgettable experience and returns not only with a smile on their face but a memorable story to share.

We believe that life is all about adventuring, having fun, and living life to the max, as long as we are not away on holiday!!

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